Specialized Sport-Instructor Qualification For You
Application Nr 603385-EPP-1-2018-1-IT-SPO-SSCP

Sport is recognized as fundamental in terms of relationship and social inclusion and as a determining factor for health. Yet Europeans play less sport than they hoped for. Disabled people even less. To meet this theme, between 2015 – 2017 the partners managed the project “Sport+4All - Active and Included” by projecting, testing and validating innovative sports practices for People with Disabilities (PwD).

The project remarked the relevance of professional skills of the sport instructors involved in sport for PwD, both of the internal partnership and of the partner networks. Their skills and competences are fundamental to motivate, take care of the insertion, guarantee the continuity of participation of PwD disabilities in sports facilities.

This project intends to use this experience and the knowledge of staff participating in - a mix of physiotherapist and sport instructors - to analyze the needs, design, train and measure the result for users of specialised sport instructors in managing sport activities for PwD.

The peculiarity of the training will be to hold together sport social inclusion, improvement of health conditions and maintenance of rehabilitation outcomes.

The output, experienced in practice by 20 selected participants, will be a validated “curriculum for qualification of sports instructor who works with people with disabilities” to be disseminated to sports facilities, rehabilitation centers, training agencies.

Other expected outcomes are:
1. A profile for sports instructor - to evaluate and select sports instructors to work with people with disabilities in facilitating sports activities.
2. Guidelines and recommendations - to provide the best instructions and sports activities to the disabled person.

The project will use the European Qualification Framework for describing the outcomes of the Sport-Instructor Curriculum, that will facilitate the acceptance and dissemination across different EU countries and education and training systems in Europe.

 PDF con Curriculum di formazione per specialisti in sport per persone con disabilità

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